Training of Parents having Children with Visual Impairment

Training of Parents having Children with Visual Impairment

Conducted By: Blind People’s Association (India ) on 28th January 2019

Funded By: International Council for Education of People with Visual Impairment (ICEVI) India

Introduction: Parents having children with visual impairment find it difficult to understand and address special needs of their children. How does visual impairment affect their children’s learning also is not known to them. It is essential to provide orientation to parents to enhance their involvement in training and education of such children.


  • To sensitize parents to enable them to understand needs of their Children with visual impairment
  • To provide them basic skills to enable them to support their children in their activities of daily living
  • To motivate them to get involved in educational program of their children

Keeping in mind above objectives one day training was organized.

Participants: The parents (Mother & Father) of students of a residential school for the children with visual impairment were invited to participate in this training. 36 participants were registered for the training. Most of them participated for the first time in such training.

Program details: The Trustees of Blind People’s Association, Ms. Sunita Thakore and Ushaben Atulkumar and ICEVI officials Dr. Bhushan Punani and Ms. Nandini Rawal inaugurated the program and addressed parents. The first session was focused on enabling them to understand visual impairment as such through simulation exercises.  As they had their lunch under blind old, they understood impact of visual impairment on their children. Further they understood the barriers for learning certain skills and need for using various adaptations. Many parents were in tears and remarked “I never realize what my child is suffering from”. The parents were provided information about basic aspects of orientation and mobility, daily living skills and self care activities

Post lunch session focused on educational strategies , methods of teaching such children and use of assistive devices for independent living. They were also introduced to Braille and its’ importance. The last session highlighted their role in promoting effective education of their child.

The parents were very happy to participate and desired that such training programs should be organized on regular basis, at least once in 3 months. They discussed and decided date for next such orientation as 5th March. Some of the parents were willing to learn Braille to help their children. They went back with lot of motivation and with new hopes for success of their children in their educational activities.   Thanks to ICEVI for providing financial support for conducting such need based training program. The organizers have decided to conduct such programs on regular intervals to enhance skills of parents in respect of understanding special needs of children.  ICEVI West Asia would like sponsor such Orientation Program parents of Children with Visual Impairment in other countries in West Asia as well



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